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Privacy Policy

When Kohsei Co.,Ltd. provides the customers with the commodity products and service. Some individual business information may go with it. Our company always comply with laws and regulations to protect our customers’ individual business information and private.  Since we would like to build a trust relationship further with customers, we have made our privacy policy as follows.

  1. Our company doesn't use customer's individual information except the following purposes.
    • Examine the customer's satisfaction rating or reaction by the telephone and the greeting card, etc. after providing the commodity and service.
    • We may use mail, telephone and E-mail, etc. for confirming the custom’s requests.
    • We may use mail, the telephone, and E-mail, etc. to inform our products, services, various events and campaigns, etc.
    • Execute the questionnaire survey by the method of mail, telephone and E-mail, etc. for the product development, the new service or the customer satisfaction improvement plan examination.
    • Credit judgment and credit exposure management
    • Offer the following individual information to group businesses and our tie-up company by the document or the electronic medium. However, we will stop the third party offer by person in question's offer.
      Offered items: Information on ZIP code, E-mail address, office, family, and dealings at address, name, and date of birth
  2. Besides the item vi mentioned above, our company doesn't offer it to the third party without the permission of the person in principle. However, the following cases provided in Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs are excluded.
    • When basing on the law.
    • For person's life, the body or the protection of the property when it is time when it in there is a necessity, and it is difficult to obtain the person in question's agreement.
    • For the improvement of public health or promotion of child's healthy development when it is time when it in there is especially a necessity and it is difficult to obtain the person in question's agreement.
    • It is time when it should cooperate for the organization in the country or the person who receives the local public entity or the consignment to accomplish the clerical work that the law provides, and when you might cause the obstacle for the accomplishment of clerical work concerned by obtaining the person in question's agreement.
  3. When person in question's individual information is confirmed by the customer, and the correction etc. are hoped, our company responds to indication by submitting the document (Hereafter, it is called the indication bill) that our company provides. Please inquire of our customer service (Describe to the following) or the nearest office about the method of obtaining the indication bill etc.
    Please give the one that it can be confirmed that it is a person in question when it follows a procedure for the indication claim (one at the name like the driver's license etc. and date of birth with the description in the address etc.) to me in the business mind.
  4. Where to make contact concerning handling of individual information ・・・ 093-752-3155
  5. Our company will observe the law of Japan that relates to the handling of customer's individual information and other standards.
  6. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the individual information we collect online.
  7. Our company regularly audits the handling of individual information, and always continuously improves it.

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